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Marvellous Me – Parent Communication App

Why parents should use the MarvellousMe parent app.

MarvellousMe is a quick and fun way for teachers to keep you regularly informed about the wonderful things that your child is learning at school, and how well they are developing good behaviours and character skills.

The snippets of information that MarvellousMe gives you (and to any other of your family members or carers who join up) makes it easy for you to:

  1. Have more meaningful family conversations with your child about school.
  2. Continue your child’s learning and practise what they’ve done in class.
  3. Celebrate and reinforce their successes and positive behaviours.

All of the research shows that the more that parents are engaged in their children’s learning, the happier and more motivated their children are at school, and their outcomes improve.

The MarvellousMe parent app works best on Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. By using these devices, you will enjoy the instant notifications whenever your child’s teacher sends you an update.

If you have a Windows phone, or want to use MarvellousMe on your desktop, you can access it via your web browser and logging in at We recommend that you use Chrome for the best desktop experience.

MarvellousMe sounds great. How can I get a join code?

You need a parent join code from your child’s teacher or the school office to sign up and use MarvellousMe. This creates a secure connection between you, allowing the teacher to send specific information and messages about your child just to you.

Please follow the link for the Marvellous Me home page: