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Carrfield Staff

Here is information about our staffing structure at Carrfield (as of September 2023):

Senior Leadership

  • Mrs. K. Adamski (Principal, Designated Safeguarding Lead)
  • Mr. A. Morton (Vice Principal, Deputy Safeguarding Lead)
  • Mrs. D. Daly (Assistant Principal, Literacy Lead, Phonics Lead, Year 3 Class Teacher)
  • Miss A. Reasbeck (SENDCO, Deputy Safeguarding Lead, Year 3 Class Teacher)
  • Miss R. McMaster (Maths Lead, Year 4 Class Teacher)

Class Teachers

  • Miss H. Donohue (Foundation Stage Class Teacher)
  • Miss B. McCartney (Foundation Stage Class Teacher)
  • Miss H. Pinder (Year 1 Class Teacher)
  • Ms. A. Torma (Year 1/2 Class Teacher)
  • Miss A. Kent (Non Qualified Teacher Y1/2)
  • Miss A. Oxer (Year 2 Class Teacher)
  • Mr. R. Gawthrope (Year 3/4 Class Teacher)
  • Mr. R. Francis (Year 5 Class Teacher)
  • Miss K. Moorhouse (Year 5/6 Class Teacher)
  • Mr. J. Bennett (Year 6 Class Teacher)

Front-of-school Staff

  • Mrs. C. Ramsbottom (Families & Safeguarding Officer, Deputy Safeguarding Lead)
  • Mrs. E. Fisher (School Office Manager)
  • Miss N. Taylor (Office Administrator)
  • Mrs. M. Taylor (Admin Assistant, SMSA)
  • Mr. B. Parkin (Site Supervisor)

Support Staff

  • Mrs. A. Kerry (HLTA)
  • Miss M. Kerry (HLTA)
  • Mrs. L. Kazemi (Cover Supervisor, Thrive Practitioner)
  • Mrs. R. Birkinshaw (Nursery Nurse)
  • Miss A. Jackson (Teaching Assistant)
  • Miss K. Cockayne (Teaching Assistant)
  • Mrs. L. Ewens (Teaching Assistant)
  • Miss C. Nortcliffe (Teaching Assistant)
  • Miss P. Duggan (Teaching Assistant)
  • Mrs. D. Holmes (Teaching Assistant, Breakfast Club Assistant)
  • Miss E. Tilson (Teaching Assistant, SMSA)
  • Mrs. L. Dalby (Teaching Assistant)
  • Mrs. K. Wade (Teaching Assistant)
  • Miss K. Dixon (Teaching Assistant)
  • Mrs. S. Tilson (Teaching Assistant, Breakfast Club Coordinator)
  • Miss S. Roughley (Teaching Assistant)

Lunchtime Staff

  • Mrs. A. Rowley (SMSA, Breakfast Club Assistant)
  • Miss P. Hairsine (SMSA)
  • Mrs. M. Sturrock (SMSA)
  • Mrs. R. Flavell (SMSA)
  • Mrs. J. Seddon (SMSA)
  • Mrs. L. Lewis (SMSA)
  • Mrs. C. Speight (SMSA)
  • Miss L. Padley (SMSA)
  • Mrs. M. Kovacs-Mate (SMSA)
  • Kitchen staff are supplied by our school lunch provider, Chartwells, and are not directly employed by school.
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